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12th September 2016
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Community Cars is for people who cannot, for whatever reason, use public transport for key journeys. This can be for a hospital appointment, visiting family, or even just to get out and socialise where it would otherwise not be possible.

For Service Users

Community Cars is not exclusive to age, if you are in need of the service, then the service is for you.

Jean uses the service for her disabled son: ‘What happens with Community Cars is; they introduce themselves to Tanners Wood, so they always know who to expect. They are more organised and reliable than a taxi service. It has allowed Marc to build up friendship with the drivers. ’They are very good with their times. It has been a life saver.’

Our drivers are friendly and helpful, led and organised well by our coordinators at the Holywell Community Centre.

For Volunteers

If you are able to drive, willing to help, and regularly want to make somebody’s day, then Community Cars is perfect for you to volunteer with.

One of our volunteer drivers, Mike, described his experience service with Community Cars: ‘Whilst it began as something to do, it has become very satisfying to see how much it affects the people being aided by the service. There are often messages of personal thanks for the drivers left with Manoj, and some users even offer us money and small gifts as thanks.’ 

If you or anyone you know could benefit from the Community Cars service, please give us a call on: 01923 216964

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