Campaigners fight for lower speed limit outside Bushey Primary School fails
30th July 2011
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Despite parents and staff campaigning tirelessly, a lower speed limit will not be put in place outside Bushey Primary School.


A Watford councillor fears that until there is a serious accident, the plans to implement traffic measures will not happen.


A petition was made by those who supported the campaign to take the speed limit down to 20mph, but members of the Hertsmere Highways Joint Members Panel decided that there would not be any traffic calming measures implemented.


A Hertfordshire Highways investigation concluded that that the speed of vehicles was not sufficiently high to warrant additional safety measures.


The issue is to be reviewed at the panel’s next meeting, which takes place in October, and the members voted in favour of the recommendations that had been made at Tuesday’s meeting.


Councillor Paul Morris (Bushey Heath, Conservative), who backs the campaign for the speed restrictions, said: "I'm disappointed at the decision but I'm also realistic - there is a timing issue as all the kids are on their summer holidays so there is less heat in the argument.


"Unfortunately, until there is an accident it will probably not register as one of the panel's 'dangerous areas' and that is the sad reality.


"As with all these things, it is a long battle and we will be hitting this head-on again at October's meeting when we can muster the support of the new parents."


Councillor Seamus Quilty (Bushey Heath, Conservative), who sits on the panel, said: "I personally believe, as a local ward member, there are concerns in relation to the speed of vehicles along Hartsbourne Road and that some traffic is in excess of the speed limit.


"However, the evidence that was presented in the report was satisfactory for the officers to make a decision.


"I'm anxious about the speed, but without hard evidence, there is not much we can do."


What do you think? Are there any other areas in Watford you believe needs to be tackled when it comes to speeding?

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