Calling all van drivers and workmen in Watford – keep your tools safe!
10th February 2012
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It’s never nice to comment on a negative news item in Watford, but here at thebestof Watford, we want to make sure that local tradespeople are aware of things happening that may affect them and their business.

On the evenings of Sunday 5th and Monday 6th February 2012, two vans were broken into on Barnacres Road in Nash Mills while parked. Both vehicles contained power tools, which were stolen by the police.

Further tools were taken when another van was broken into in Adrian Close, Boxmoor, at about 6pm on Monday 6th February.

Local police have asked anyone with information about any of the thefts to call them on the non-emergency number 101.


Is your van secure?


So to all you Watford tradespeople – if you currently keep your tools or expensive equipment in your van overnight, perhaps it would be safer to move them into a garage or lock-up to be on the safe side? Alternatively, you could invest in some deadbolts to the side and rear doors of your van, which are tamper-proof once installed and can be operated via a remote key fob or mechanical key.

Slam locks are another option – they automatically lock and secure a van door once closed, which is particularly useful for delivery drivers who have to leave their vehicle on a regular basis.


Whatever your decision, thebestof Watford wants you and your tools to remain safe and sound - after all, we couldn't do without our trusted plumbers, electricians, delivery drivers, builders...!

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