ATM safety is something everyone should know!
14th April 2011
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Crimestoppers published information about ATM safety but so few people know about it, it is seldom used.


Did you know that if you are ever being forced by somebody to take cash out of a cash point, the machines have a facility that enables you to immediately notify the police?


If a thief forces you to withdraw money, simply enter your PIN in reverse. For example, if your PIN is 1234 then you would enter 4321.


The ATM will recognise that you have entered a backwards number for the card; it will still give the money to you as requested but will also notify the police for them to immediately be dispatched to your location.


You can feel safe that the thief will be unaware that you have informed the police until it is too late!


By law, all ATMs have to have this emergency sequencer, but so few people know about it that it is very rarely used.

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