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22nd July 2015
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I'm writing this blog so I can 'spread the word'. Don't panic, I'm not a nut about to bombard you with crazy cult ideas (though I might be a bit of a nut generally).

The word I want to spread is ..."Art"!

I am a freelance Art Tutor, currently living in Spain. My goal in life is to encourage people to explore their artistic side. Now you may think this has nothing to do with you, especially if you are someone who says "I can't even draw a stick man". Don't stop reading just yet though as I believe I have an important message to share: all you are risking is a few minutes out of your day.

I teach art classes to adult beginners and intermediate students. Certainly at beginner level many / most of my students start by saying they can't draw (for toffees)! I then explain that everyone has the ability to create art, it's what they do to enhance their ability which is key. I won't attempt to describe the process I take them through, which quickly shows them how they can gain the ability.

There's not enough room in this single blog to do it justice. What I do want to do however is dispel a misconception and explain why I think it is important to try to explore your artistic side.

So, firstly, the misconception:- "Artists are naturally talented people"! Almost everyone who believes themselves to be lacking in artistic ability assumes the previous quote to be a fact. "WRONG"! In fact, in my experience, very few artists are naturally talented in the way that novices might presume. Obviously there are naturally talented people in art, the same as there are in every walk of life. Trust me though, in relation to everyone participating in art the 'naturally talented' are a small minority. Instead, most of the people involved in art have one thing in common.... a desire to do it! Therefore they learn, practice and ultimately become more skilled.

Why do I feel the need to share these thoughts? It's because I know the importance of art and the role it can play in people's lives.

Most people only consider the end result of what they believe to be art i.e. a finished painting or drawing. However, for many artists (and budding artists) the reward of having something you can hang on the wall afterwards is merely a fraction of the process. Other elements include the original concept, practice, research etc etc. With everything that is involved in creating the art comes benefits far wider reaching than you can imagine. Art is - Educating, inspiring, therapeutic...... the list is endless.

All of this brings me full circle. Why the blog? Because my aim is to get as many people as possible to allow themselves the opportunity to gain the benefits of art. However, what I know for sure is that it won't happen if you think the non existent "Natural Talent" hurdle is in front of you. Give yourself a chance, take the plunge......have fun and create some art.

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Graham S

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I moved to Spain eight years ago from the Brighton area. Now living in the Murcia area with my wife and Step-Daughter. I create art and teach art to adult students.

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