Are you dreaming of a Green Christmas?
21st December 2011
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Are you dreaming of a green Christmas?


The festive season is here, and Watford Borough Council has this information for you if you want to give our planet a gift by being green this year.


Once the celebrations are over, don’t just reach for a bin bag. Here’s what to do with all the Christmas trimmings.


Christmas Cards/Wrapping paper


If you have simple plain christmas cards, then these can be easily recycled in your green bin. The Council will send them along for composting. If you have been sent laminated cards, or cards with foil on them, Marks and Spencers are collecting these. This collection is in aid of the Woodland Trust.


For wrapping paper, make sure it doesn’t have any sticky tape, glitter, foil or laminate on it; this can also go in your green bin.




All leftover food can also be put into the green wheelie bin. Whether it’s cooked, uncooked or even including the bones and carcasses of the turkey. Don’t forget that newspaper can also go in there, so wrap the food up in paper and chuck it in.


Bottles, Jars and Containers


These can be recycled as usual in your boxes. Crush the plastic bottles down to give you more room and if you have more than usual, you can put them in plastic bags. Just make sure they are correctly sorted and placed alongside the usual boxes.


Christmas Trees


Real trees can also be recycled in your green bin. Just cut off large branches so it fits in the bin and is easy to empty. Larger trees can be placed next to the bin for collection.


Collection Dates


If your usual collection day is Monday, then there will be no collection on Boxing Day. This has been brought forward to Christmas Eve. 


After Boxing Day, all collections dates are ONE day later than usual. If your usual collection is on a Friday, then don’t worry. There are collections on Saturday 31st December 2011 and 7th January 2012. 

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