Are Watford businesses drowning in a sea of paperwork?
20th May 2010
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Cheered by the news that HIPs are on the way out (but pausing to think about all the poor souls who signed up and paid to train as inspectors) got me wondering whether there is any prospect of getting rid of more pointless form filling.

How much time do local people / businesses spend filling out forms when they could be doing something more productive? Health and Safety, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, let alone the statistics that "randomly" selected businesses have to complete, the list goes on and on. But having said that the world of work is a much safer place than it was isn't it? Generally speaking there are, I suppose, less people falling down cluttered stairwells, getting caught up in machinery, or tripping over cables but of course things do still go wrong. (Remember that infaltable art work that took off in a guest of wind with people inside it a few years ago?)  

Our Grandparents would probably have shrugged off disasters like that as "just one of those things" but let's face it "accidents waiting to happen" shouldn't happen at all, should they? So we've got a lot to thank the Health & Safety Executive for really.

At the moment I'm completing a risk assessment for our viral game launch at The Harlequin. On Friday 28th and Saturday 29th May we'll be in the Upper Mall opposite H&M. Do pop by and play, only please don't bump into anything. 

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