A-Z of playgrounds in Watford
16th August 2017
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How many times have you heard 'I'm bored!' so far this summer?

Or 'I'm hungry', 'Can I play on my iPad?', '*insert sibling's name here* has just taken my favourite toy!', 'I don't want to get dressed!', 'But I like my room to be a pit of despair', 'What do you mean I'm driving you around the bend?', 'In a minute!'…

Any of those sound familiar?

The summer holidays tend to be a heady mix of family fun, boredom and smack-your-head-against-a-wall-to-end-it-all frustration. If you're lucky, the weather plays ball and you can get out of the house - after all, the more pent-up energy your children have, the more 'challenging' the day will be.

But where to go? We're willing to bet that you have found a couple of local parks in Watford and use them as the default playground of choice. But were you aware of ALL the parks and playgrounds Watford has to offer? THIRTY FOUR in total!!

thebestof has collated an A-Z list of all the outdoor spaces you can take your children to. Please look to the right of the page where you will find 'Useful Downloads' - there you will find the A-Z of Watford Playgrounds and Parks PDF.

And just think - visit one playground a day and the summer holidays will be over!

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