A treat for the whole family this weekend - Horrible Histories live in Watford
15th June 2012
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From Rotten Romans to Vile Victorians, history has never been more disgusting... or at least, not when the award winning children's comedy show Horrible Histories decides to come to the Watford Colosseum – Live.


The show will whisk you back in time to some of the most unpleasant, disgusting and smelly moments in the history of the world. You’ll take on the Spanish Armada, survive the mines and factories of the industrial revolution and see how tortuous the Tudors really could be.


Running until June 17th tickets are still available if you are looking for something entertaining (and don’t tell the kids, but it's also educational!) to do this weekend. In fact, kids, if you've tried and failed to find a decent Father's Day treat for tomorrow, this could be a hit! Yes, it's supposed to be for children, but my husband laughs at the Horrible Histories songs more than my son does!


Using ground breaking 3D effects, there are two different shows on offer over the three days. Vile Victorians and Terrible Tudors. And the Watford Colosseum also offers an extra special pre-show dining option if you want to make a event of it.


Tickets are available from £13.00 - £17.00 with discounts for concessions and Under 16s. 

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