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15th September 2016
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At Watford Three River’s Trust, we are hugely passionate about helping those in our community who may have difficulty helping themselves, and one of those means is our local Handyperson.

Adrian Heywood is our man on the ground, an electrician by trade with a wealth of real world experience and a thirst for assisting those in our local community here in Watford. Jovial and helpful from the very first time of meeting, Adrian can carry out to an exceptional standard those small jobs with incredibly useful consequences.

From minor repairs such as securing loose carpets and repairing furniture, to important safety and security installations - door locks, key safes and stair rails, we would love to help you make your home a protected, practical living space, perfect for independent living.

Our handyperson will generally take on small jobs that take up to two hours, and you can rest assured, with a full quote and any possible advice provided for free in advance.

To contact Adrian directly, you can phone 01923 216965, or email handyperson@w3rt.org. Alternatively, you can visit our website www.handyperson.help. Spread the word about this incredibly useful and dedicated service, we would love to hear from you personally, or if you are aware of anybody who could benefit from help.

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