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The internet speed you need and pay for really depends how many people are using the internet connection, your location and what for....
Protecting your family online
Protecting your family online
The internet is a fantastic resource for all sorts of reasons, but we all know that it has very dark areas, unfortunately information and images that shouldn’t be for the eyes of children are all too readily available.
If you are thinking of investing in a new computer but totally baffled by CPU, dual-core, RAM, and OS, Browns Integrated Technologies' guide will help clarify it all and help you choose the right IT solution for your needs.
Whether you're applying for a job that requires a certain level of IT expertise, or simply want to brush up on your Microsoft Office knowledge, Browns IT's full and half day training will ensure you know all the essential skills.
Would you like to enable staff to work from home or do you have a remote office that you want to be part of your network?
Some simple tips and advice about how to avoid the common viruses and malware that could affect your personal and office computers.
Watford based IT specialist, Browns IT, delves into the world of data backup and explains the key things to remember.
Opportunity for a fantastic evening out and/or advertise your business by donating an auction/ raffle prize and maybe get some new customers.
Looking for the best in Computer Service?...
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