Top 10 Tips to Save Fuel
28th September 2011
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Which of the following will save fuel?

1. Turning your engine off if you’ve stopped for a long time
2. Turning off your air conditioning
3. Only half fill your fuel tank
4. Checking your tyre pressure
5. Sticking to the speed limit
6. Parking in the shade
7. Use cruise control where fitted
8. Reversing into parking spaces
9. Remove unnecessary clutter from your car
10. Keeping your car well maintained



All of them!

1. Turning your engine off - Avoid excessive idling if you’re stopped for a long time.
2. Turning off air conditioning - Air conditioning uses engine power to operate, turn off the stereo!!
3. Only half fill your fuel tank- Why fill the tank up to the very brim? Be a tank miser. If you do so, you may be carrying around additional fuel, which in turn means that you have more weight on board than is necessary. That extra weight will itself reduce fuel efficiency.
4. Checking your tyre pressures – Correctly inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance.
5. Sticking to the speed limit – Drive faster and you’ll use more fuel. Doing 56mph uses 25 per cent less fuel than 70mph.
6. Park in the shade – Parking in a cooler spot will minimise fuel evaporation and make you less reliant on air conditioning.
7. Use cruise control where fitted – This will helps you avoid unnecessary ‘surging’ on the motorway.
8. Reversing into parking spaces. When you start off again, the engine will be cold and at its most fuel inefficient. This will enable the vehicle to drive smoothly away without having to reverse (reversing is generally a high revving manoeuvre) when the engine is cold.
9. Remove unnecessary clutter from your car - More weight means more fuel consumption. Remove unnecessary boot luggage and avoid heavy accessories and wide tyres that add rolling resistance.
10. Keeping your car well maintained –Make sure your car is serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Under-serviced engines can reduce fuel economy by ten per cent or more. Catalytic converters are environmentally friendly – but they need to be at the correct temperature which takes around 6-10 mins.

****All of the above will reduce your fuel bills by just a few percent****

However there is a single factor which has a significant affect on the fuel economy of your vehicles!


Rio Driving Tuition could show you how to (using simple techniques) save up to 20% on your fuel bills, and at the same time reduce accident repair costs by making your drivers safer.


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