So what kind of massage is best for me at Walsall Mind and Body?
9th February 2012
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So what kind of massage is best for me at Walsall Mind and Body Centre, they do so many types?


Massage is in essence the rubbing or stroking of soft tissue, in particular skin and muscle, with a particular aim in mind. There are many different types of massage, some such a Swedish that are well known, and others such as Mongolian that are much less so. choosing between them might seem difficult but really it's a matter of first deciding what you want and then booking a massage that will best help achieve that outcome. the second factor to take into account is how much pressure you fel is right for you.


A holistic massage is one which can be adapted to the individual needs, it is generally quite light in terms of the pressure of the touch. It covers the whole body, and can be a usefull starting place if you are unsure about what would be the right kind of massage.


A Swedish massage is a set routine of movements some lighter and some deeper that incorporates the whole body, it offers a balance between relaxing gentle movements and invigorating actions such as tapping and cupping to stimulate muscles, so while it's relaxing it's not as relaxing as some other forms of massage. Swedish massage is the most common form of massage and the one most often seen on tv in films.


Deep tissue massage is deeper in terms of both the amount of pressure used and the depth into the muscles and facia the therapist works, this works especially well for knots in muscles and treating ongoing muscle tension, people who do manual work often benefit from a deep tissue massage and it can help maintain a level of mobility in someone with a bad back that they might otherwise struggle to maintain. The depth of the massage will vary depending on the condition of the clients muscles and preferences.


Sports massage is a specialised form of massage which focuses on a particular area or even individual muscle and works to improve the functioning of the muscle and thus the performance of the sports person. It is an intense form of massage with very deep movements, but can have astounding results. People who also often benefit from a sports massage include police officers, firemen and women, and very active individuals who work out a lot.


Hot stone and other forms of massage which use heat (such as massages with steam, warm oils, hot towels ETC) are all variations on the above but use the heat to relax and open up the skin and muscles to add a different dimension to the massage.


We hope that helps, for more details click here to visit our website  or give us a call on 01922 649142. Obviously we offer all these different types of massage plus a few more (chocolate massage for valentines etc) but if you want shop around and see what's on offer around your area, just remember to check that anywhere you go is local authority inspected, insured and has qualified therapist. 

 Hope to see you soon!

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