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3rd February 2012
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2012 is the year of the mobile hairdresser!!


Before I start this there are a lot of very good mobile hairdressers out there (Chatabox started as one) so please use this blog to your benefit to weed out the good and bad.

At Chatabox we are growing more and more concerned at the amount of customers coming through our door that have been visited by a mobile hairdresser they found on social networking groups and unfortunately have not been offered the service they have paid for and wanting us to rectify it for them, there is a saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and I’m not a fan of sayings and quotes but this is a very good time to use one.

There’s always been a stigma connected to hairstylists and hair dressers about hairdressers being a little slow and not very clever... well just think about this colouring hair is all about working with chemicals and making chemical reactions with carefully measured potions and lotions and all this while making sure not to damage the hair or more importantly the customers scalp.. As well as making the right colour that the customer wanted in the first place!

So be careful and always ask to see certificates and more importantly insurance, if they're not insured and if anything was to go wrong I will be honest there isn’t a lot you can do about it. Any hairstylist/beautician will be more than happy to show off their certificates and insurance to you because the ones that have spent years doing this trade have spent a lot of time to achieve them and I know when Chatabox was mobile I took them everywhere with me, in fact all our certificates for every member of staff at chatabox are displayed in our salon as well as our insurance for your piece of mind.

Unfortunately the world we live in today is full of people trying to make money out of trusting people like yourselves and are not bothered about your welfare and I hope this blog can help you and I hope you now feel you have a better chance of not getting caught out.

Remember any advice on your hair and beauty treatments or if you have been unfortunate enough to have had you treatments completed to a standard you deserve and not sure what to do about it come to us in confidence and we will always help you rectify the problem, check out our testimonials to see our customers who we have helped out with this matter..


Look forward to seeing you..



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