How I overcame my fear of flying at Walsall Mind and Body Centre
22nd June 2010
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I have suffered with a fear of flying for the past 6 years. I had always flown as a child and never used to have any problems, if anything I used to love flying.

My fear wasn’t even as a result of a bad experience on a flight such as bad turbulence or a forced landing. I just began to panic mid air on one trip that I didn’t feel safe and since then even the thought of flying has made me anxious.

I had not let my fear of flying stop me from going on holiday although I would panic for days before and have to have several stiff drinks at the airport so that I felt ‘relaxed’ on the flight. I would then begin to think about the flight a few days before returning home which could ruin my holiday.

This year I had decided enough was enough so I decided to contact Andrea at Walsall Mind & Body Centre. Andrea had helped my father quit smoking last year which had been a great success so I knew I was in safe hands.

During my session, Andrea firstly took the time to listen to my concerns and fears of flying and helped me to try and use the rational and logical parts of my brain. She used a variety of techniques including visualisation and relaxation.

One technique that really helped was remembered the anxious feeling I got on flights and then replacing it with a feeling of being safe, secure and relaxed. Andrea described it as if the negative feelings were in a box in a pigeon hole that we could remove and replace with a box of safe and positive thoughts.

Andrea has a really soft and calming influence and during my session I was able to really relax and almost float away. Even though I was conscious throughout the session, when it was over it felt as though I had had a relaxing sleep!

I had a flight the following week and I hadn’t even thought of the flight or worried about it as I had previously. I felt fine at the airport and no alcohol was required!  During takeoff I remained calm and undertook some breathing exercises Andrea taught me and once we were in the air I was fully relaxed. I even read a book which is something I wouldn’t normally have done.

Although the feelings didn’t completely go away, I have now learnt to control them and think more rationally. It is so refreshing not to have this worry hanging over me anymore!

I would recommend a treatment at Walsall Mind & Body centre for anyone looking for help with fears and phobias, stress management, panic attacks or relaxation.

The Centre are able to help with a wide range of symptoms and have helped hundreds of people in the Walsall area. Andrea really cares about her clients and will ensure that you leave the Centre feeling like a new person!

So don’t let your fears, phobias or anxieties stop you from doing anything and like me, you won’t look back!

To find out more about hypnotherapy or other treatments available at Walsall Mind & Body Centre in Walsall click here, or call Andrea on 01922 649142/ 07956322170.

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