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5th February 2020
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So the month of love is upon us. Its also a leap year so look out lads, its totally acceptable for the lady in your life to pop the question!


I guess you’re wondering how the hell I am going to link Valentine’s Day and feet in this blog. Well to be honest, so am I....but I will do my best. Bear with me.  


Admittedly feet aren’t the most romantic topic at any time of the year but we do need to talk about foot health more.  


We all need to show our feet a little more love. Our feet are quite possibly the most the neglected part of out body.  Majority of the time they are hidden away, out of sight and out of mind.  We rarely give them any consideration until they start giving us problems.  And its no wonder they start to give us problems when you consider the amount of hard work they have to do everyday. Not only getting us through our day to day lives, but also the hobbies we do.  Running and exercise take a massive toll on our feet, and often in footwear that is unsuitable. 


It is so easy to improve your foot health with only the very minimal amount of effort.  Simply applying foot cream at night time to clean, dry feet will vastly improve the quality of your skin, helping to keep dryness and calluses under control.  Go on. Try it for a week.  Keep a tube of foot cream by your bed and apply just before lights out. You’ll be amazed at the results. And what is more simple than that? 


Romance ready feet! 


There couldn’t possibly be anything more embarrassing than having to reveal your neglected feet to your partner. It can be quite the passion killer.  


Thickened discoloured nails, patches of hard rough skin. Well, its one excuse for leaving your socks on I suppose. Swiftly dimming the lights for more than romantic purposes.  At these most intimate of moments, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your feet! But feet can be embarrassing. Thats why we need them to be ready for anything! 


Why not try this home foot care treatment regime before your Valentines date? Soak your feet for around 10 minutes.  You could use scented bathing slats to improve any foot odour. Remove dry and hard skin with a foot file or pumice stone.  Trim your nail and use a file to make sure you have no snagging edges. The best foot creams to use are ones containing urea.  This will increase the moisturising properties of your foot cream and it will also break down hard skin and callus leaving you feet super smooth and supple. 


Finally why not add a splash of colour, and since its the month of romance I suggest a passionate shade of red.  Although if you’re a male, probably go au naturale.  


However if you’re struggling with foot care at home why not let the professionals here at PB Podiatry get your feet looking and feeling amazing. Not only for Valentines Day, but every day.  


You could even include a foot care treatment on valentines evening. What could be more romantic? A soothing scented foot bath with rose petals followed by a sensual massage with exotic oils.  Just a thought. See... I told ya I’d get a link in somewhere. 


What ever you do this Valentines Day, have a good one and don’t forget to spoil that special someone in your life. 






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