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Periochip is the latest way of fighting gum disease!
Dental Abscesses
Dental Abscesses
What is a dental abscess and how does it occur?
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign which aims to increase the awareness of the disease to ensure people have the right information to be able to detect the disease in its early stages.
Holidays are a great way to unwind and to forget about the world, as you start to de-stress you might start to re-evaluate your life and priorities. A recent survey has revealed that going away on holiday motivates many to change their lifestyle by trying out a new hobby or making a healthy resolution.
Changes to Walk in Centre Walsall
Changes to Walk in Centre Walsall
From October 1st 2015, the Walk-in-Centre at Market Square will change to an Urgent Care Centre which will provide health advice and treatments for illnesses or injuries which aren't life-threatening, but are too urgent to wait for an appointment at a GP Practice.
if your weighing up your options concerning the vaccination against HPV which is inked to cervical cancer, let's talk to a homeopath
We need to keep flexible and mobile, not just in the summer when we might strip off for the beach. Sports massage is not just for beach bods its for every bod, sporty or not.
Here at Walsall Mind and Body we specialise in Complementary and Natural Health Care, which offers alternative ways to tackle health issues, which work with and support your body’s own healing mechanisms.
The pressing techniques of Thai massage releases tension increasing the circulation to the muscle, and drainage strokes assist waste to be removed. The prepared muscles are then stretched to a range a little more than there normal range.
If you are looking for a recommended hair salon for prom hair and beauty then why not visit Rachaels Hair Salon in Walsall - from spray tans and nails, to hair up, they have all your prom needs covered!
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