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Everyone loves a good curry; whether you're a Vindaloo lover or a Korma enthusiast, we all have our own personal favourite dishes. But where should you go for your next curry in Walsall? Look no further than our highly recommended Indian restaurants.
With so many delicious fillings to choose from what's the favourite Crepe this festive season?
The Brownhills Balti House, Cardomon Spice, has scooped 3 awards in Walsall Council's Health Switch Awards
Looking for a recommended Indian Restaurant in Walsall?
G Casino have some fantastic party packages to help you celebrate your birthday in Walsall!
Slow moist methods of cooking include pot roasting, stewing, braising and casseroling. These methods are ideal for tenderising less tender cuts of meat and are convenient ways of cooking as they require very little preparation or attention during cooking.
Another great way of cooking is roasting the meat.
A great method of cooking is stir-frying
When asked what most British people would describe as their favourite meal, a roast chicken would be the most likely choice. It's there in the pantheon of good things to eat, crispy golden brown skin and always a bread sauce, perfect!
Shoulder of pork is now our most popular roasting pork joint, it benefits by being well marbled with fat and is suited to long slow cooking.
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