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AMAZING charity - supporting Walsall community in their local hospital.
Absolutely wonderful charity that makes a huge difference to peoples lives. 5 stars.
Enjoyed the afternoon. Going to a good cause.
Well Wishers charity is the BEST EVER! 5 stars!
Good event. Excellent organisation by Georgie as usual.
Very good charity. Offer many ways to raise money.
Georgie is amazing. The events are always
Like the work they do, very good.
The charity does a lot of good work for the hospital.
Does good work for hospital.
Doing good work.
Great people doing good work.
Excellent community spirit. The patients, their families and of course the nursing staff ALL need to be supported. Often purpose raffle ticket @ Manor. Great work.
Super charity helps Manor hospital greatly.
Superb local service, lovely people. Well done.
Improving quality.
They do some very good work. A worthy charity to support.
I love working for Well Wishers and I am constantly amazed at the generosity and support from the local community. So my 5 stars goes to everyone who supports us
Providing much wanted funding to benefit the patient and carers and make the hospital a better place for all.
This charity does unbelievable work in the hospital.
Review received from Dorothy D- I give Well Wishers Charity 5 stars.
Review received from Mary B- Friendly volunteer.
Excellent charity raising money for good causes.
We purchase items to help the hospital and grandchildren appreciate.
Well Wishers Charity is a well worth charity that everyone in Walsall can contribute and help the hospital achieve great things.
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