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12th January 2010
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If like me you haven't disposed of your Christmas tree yet ( I blame the snow, not lack of organisation, honest), then you might want to think about recycling it rather than dumping it.
If you have an open fire in your home, and a thick pair of gloves, you could cut it up and burn it with your regular fuel - Christmas trees burn really well but they do spit.

Alternatively you could take it to the following two places in the Tunbridge Wells area, who are offering recycling services of trees:

Pepenbury in Pembury are offering a Christmas tree recycling service (I'm pretty sure that's not just for tree purchased there in December!), and will use the chippings around their land.
Pepenbury is a residential care home for adults on the outskirts of the village in Cornford Lane. It's a lovely friendly place to visit anyway, and has a nice cafe and craft shop. It also has a small animals barn with guinea pigs and rabbits and a good number of chickens. There are some lovely woods for walking - if you're quiet you might catch a glimpse of some deer.

North Farm Recycling Centre
Longfield Road, North Farm Ind Est, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, TN2 3UY

Waste types:
    •    Mixed Metal Food & Drink Cans
    •    Aluminium Foil
    •    Car Oil
    •    Car Batteries
    •    Steel Food & Drink Cans
    •    Garden Waste
    •    Scrap Wood
    •    Architectural Salvage
    •    CFCs
    •    Books
    •    Mixed Paper (incl Newspapers, Junkmail, Magazines)
    •    Domestic Batteries
    •    Asbestos
    •    Phone Directories & Yellow Pages
    •    Mixed Scrap Metal
    •    Glass Bottles/Jars (Mixed)
    •    Kitchen Waste
    •    Christmas Trees
    •    Bulky Garden Waste
    •    Bricks, Rubble, Concrete
    •    Soil
    •    Tyres
    •    Aerosols
    •    Christmas Cards
    •    Gas Bottles
    •    All Textiles
    •    Aluminium Cans
    •    Drinks cartons
    •    Shredded Paper
    •    Fridges and freezers
    •    Display Equipment
    •    General waste electronics
    •    Large Household Appliances
    •    Gas Discharge Lamps

For more info on other recycling sites in the area and around Kent, check out the fantastic Don't Bin It / Recycle Now website - enter your postcode and it'll bring up all the recycling centres in your area and what services they provide.

I'm not entirely sure, but it is worth finding out if the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council refuse collectors in your area will collect and recycle Christmas trees, although do bear in mind that usual services are disrupted at the moment for many due to the weather.


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