What to do on a rainy day this Easter
1st April 2010
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If you're not going away from the Tunbridge Wells area this Easter holiday, you may well want some ideas in reserve to occupy the kids if the weather's a bit, er, rubbish. And let's face it, that's quite probable at the moment.

I've been looking online for ideas (I do like to get ahead of the game), and found a few brilliant websites packed with things to make and do with children.

Arts And Crafts For Kids has a good set of ideas, from the theory to the practical: the art of tie dying, food crafts, modeling and making, dressing up and puzzles.

Get past the annoying banners and adverts, and The Activity Village is another good site full of inspiration, with lots of stuff to print out, crafts, games, jokes and seasonal things to make.

But my favourite, and this is nothing to do with it being food related, honest, is the Good To Know recipe pages with their party food for kids ideas

There really is Gruffalo Owl Ice Cream, and it's a toss up between the Lemon Easter Biscuits and the Chocolate Raspberry Towers as to which one I shall have for breakfast tomorrow.... After my left-over Hot Cross Buns of course. (Wouldn't want to appear gauche would I)

There are loads of snippets of good inspiration out there, so hopefully we can all have a sane and active Easter holiday!

Good luck, and I'll see you on the other side...


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