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23rd September 2009
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TheBestOf Tunbridge Wells is proud to launch its bright shiny new blog, which I hope will be a fantastic portal to bring you local views, news and clues as to what's going on in and around Tunbridge Wells.

There's a new communications revolution happening, and its name is Social Media.

Not so very long ago, the word 'blog' was an unfamiliar and bizarre single syllable phrase that brought to my imagination stream-of-consciousness style mindless drivel, of what famous or often not-famous-at-all people got up to at the weekend.

Now that function is being fulfilled by social networking sites like FaceReunitedTwitterBook, where it's become slightly addictive updating your Status ('what are you doing/thinking/feeling/eating right now') and responding to those Statuses issued by other people you know and haven't seen for about 15 years.

Blogs - they're an entirely different animal now. Social Media is a major part of our lives whether we like it or not. For a start, even my relatives one generation up have heard of 'blogs'. The Blog has become a corporate tool: a news-feed, a magazine, an opinion-gatherer, an events listing.

We at TheBestOf have recognised its potential, grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and will show off our new pet to anyone who'll listen.

We'll bring you locally-relevant articles of interest each week, exploring exactly what's going on for Tunbridge Wells and your area.

Having said that, we invite input from anyone, whether its something you feel needs to be blogged about, a restaurant you love, an event you want mentioned - especially for our Events page - or a local issue you have an opinion about. Please send ideas or suggestions to tunbridgewells@thebestof.co.uk, and let us know what Tunbridge Wells means to you.


Thank you for reading thebestof Tunbridge Wells Blog. If you have something to say about Tunbridge Wells and what's going on for you, we'd love to hear from you. Come and blog with us: email TunbridgeWells@thebestof.co.uk

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