We miss the Dancing Girl
3rd November 2009
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Three years ago, possibly on a dark and windy night (I wouldn't know, I wasn't there honestly guv), the Dancing Girl that pirouetted endlessly in the temple in Dunorlan Park was stolen.

The Tunbridge Wells Courier this week reports that she was never found, which I'd guessed by the fact that the plinth remains empty.

Apparently the idea of creating a replica to replace her has been dismissed, as that too would be too tempting to thieves.

So while they tackle damp problems and plan the restoration of the intricate painted interior, options are open as to what could stand in the temple.

Email me here at TheBestOf Tunbridge Wells via tunbridgewells@thebestof.co.uk if you have any ideas - suggestions by the Council so far have been another less valuable statue, or to use it as a showcase for local artists.

Let me know if we can improve on that!


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