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27th October 2009
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I've been reading lately in The Courier about the possibility that Tunbridge Wells is to have a tram system running from the lower part of town by The Pantiles, up Mount Pleasant.

By all accounts the idea has met with a positive response - what do you feel about it? Have your say by emailing me at

There is even potential backing by multi-millionaire Kent Attractions owner Simon Hume Kendall ("and just what was it that first attratced you to the millionaire ...") who is reportedly keen to invest in Tunbridge Wells.

Personally I think it's a fantastic idea and will lend a very cosmo feel to the town centres. Mount Ephraim itself is a pretty road, but I fear most of us don't appreciate its leafy aesthetics because we're too busy ploughing ahead up the hill. Eyes down, keep going, huff puff.

Local resident Lionel Shell however has other ideas - he apparently feels we'd be better served by a travelator running up either side of the road - where people could alight every 30 yeards - the kind that amuses the heck out of the kids at the airport. Images of people slipping, tumbling and frantically grabbing distracted children off it had me chuckling for ages this morning.

So let me know what you think of either idea by emailing - it may well make a difference to what we actually end up with!



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