Traffic hell in Tunbridge Wells - be part of the solution
18th March 2010
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I'm back on the traffic issues in the Tunbridge Wells area, but this time not solely focussed on the scar that will soon befall the A21 (but it does get mentioned).

(By the way I received a response to my 'registered objection' about the proposed dualling on the A21, and it concentrated almost entirely on a long list of places the exhibition had been advertised had I been paying attention. Not really what I was expecting. Gosh what a numpty I must have been to not have been looking at those specific notices or not living in a 1km radius of the hospital. It's not like I'm totally blind to local issues is it?)

It seems Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's Overview and Scrutiny Team (scary name!) are wanting input from local residents and travelers, to glean a better understanding on the needs and problems arising on major traffic routes around Tunbridge Wells.

The Overview and Scrutiny Team are examining the "idea of travel planning" and want to see if it can make a difference to the roads in the area.

They will apparently be studying the travel habits of their own staff, what effect school traffic has on congestion, what key local businesses can do to encourage people to cycle or walk to work, and how journeys to the new hospital in Pembury (CALL IT PEMBURY-SOMETHING FOR GOODNESS SAKE) can be addressed.

Whether consultation like this actually makes a difference I'm not sure, but I still have faith that it should. Which is different to could. The invitation is there however: we should take it.

With a percentage of the local population feeling like the A21 dualling scheme is being undertaken with little input from the locals, this could be an opportunity to redress the balance a little.

So if you have any association with travel in and around Tunbridge Wells - and better still an opinion on it - contact the Overview and Scrutiny Team on 01892 554111 or email


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