There's no snow but Tunbridge Wells is still holed-up
27th January 2010
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It seems the snow and ice we experienced this winter have left us another legacy (other than stacked up bin liners and over-flowing bins): potholes.

Freezing temperatures resulted in water expansion within cracks and crevices , which in turn has led to a degradation of many of Tunbridge Well's road surfaces.

We've been asked to be patient by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, which being British, we will largely comply with. There may be some bitching down the pub or on local blogs (none here!), but for the most part our disgruntled selves will drive around the chasms outside our houses, with the occasional "Oof - crikey!" as we bounce into another on a country lane, a millisecond after the car's wheel has slammed into the exiting wall of the hole.

So in the meantime, as our patience knows no bounds, if you need to report potholes or damage to the road surface, call Kent Highway Services on 08458 247800, or email


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