The God of Last Minute Panicking
11th February 2010
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Okay so I'm not really worried that it's Valentine's Day on Sunday and I've not had a chance to sort anything out for it... No, not at all. I'm not at all perturbed by the prospect of a last minute dash to the shops on Saturday...

I've been looking through thebestof Tunbridge Wells' business directory for inspiration. Trouble is, we like to be a little different. Do I get him a gift voucher for a massage - after all, most men wouldn't usually buy one for themselves would they (or am I naive), but I bet they enjoy them every bit as much as us lasses do.

Mind you, he's always wanted colon hydrotherapy too and I'm very sure that's not a normal present for Valentine's Day! However the Med-Spa does look a bit lush for a bit of male pampering...

Actually I have a sneaky feeling I'm being drawn to the kind of gifts I'd like to receive myself (apart from the colonic bit obviously), so maybe I should be dropping more hints to him and not you.

Back to the Business Directory for some more ideas... Florists... a theatre trip... Back to me again, sorry.

Whatever you end up doing this Valentine's Day, take the time to make it special. It doesn't have to cost a fortune (we always make our cards as a matter of course) and the important thing is to make it personal, not necessarily showy.

May love's light be shining down on you this weekend, whatever you do.


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