Scrap your old boiler and save pounds
12th January 2010
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The Government's recent pre-budget  announcement of a boiler scrappage scheme could save you a fortune on a new heating system.

The scheme offers a £400 discount of the cost of upgrading from the old-style G-rated boiler to a new A-rated model, or renewable heating system like a biomass boiler or heat pump.

With the average cost of a central heating boiler coming in at around £2,500, the £400 discount is a reasonable incentive. Not forgetting the average saving of between £200 to £235 a year on energy bills after the switch, and the obvious cuts to CO2 emissions.

Most boilers over 25 years old, or that have a permanent pilot light are classed as G-rated. To double check specific models, visit
Contact the Energy Saving Trust with the best quote.

You should expect to pay the full amount to the boiler installer, then claim back the discount direct from The Energy Saving Trust.

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If you have a G-rated boiler or below, the chances are it's less than efficient.
British Gas has a scheme to help you replace it now with their £400 boiler scrappage discount. Combined with the government's new £400 boiler scrappage allowance, you could claim £800 towards the cost of getting a new energy-efficient boiler installed. The British Gas website also has a search function to determine the rating of your current boiler.

nPower are also offering £400 off a new boiler when it replaces one that is over 10 years' old - matching the Government's offer to create a potential £800 discount.

For more information on the boiler scrappage scheme, call the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512012 or visit
You could also check out independent sites such as Energy Choices, which gives loads of information about whether you need one and how to achieve the best savings.


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