Royal Victoria Hall to close for emergency electrical work
9th December 2009
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How many of you have at some stage in your life been to a show at The Royal Victoria Hall?
If it's a yes, keep reading as you could be invaluable restoring her to better-than-former glory. If you haven't ever been, then keep reading so you can help with raising funds for her restoration so you can go one day in the future...

There are big plans afoot to improve the bar and toilet facilities, carry out essential emergency work, and restore the facade to it's Victorian grandeur. Much of this work has been discussed for years and put off, but it seems it needs to happen soon or we'll lose the theatre completely.

Much of my childhood was spent exploring her backstage areas and hanging about in the wings, as both my parents and sister were keen am-drams with LAMPS. I have a deep rooted affection for the old building, and hope her restoration will still retain the old familiarity.

However, the Southborough Town Council funds will not cover all the work that's needed, so independent funds will need to be made. If you want to get involved with fundraising projects, or have any ideas, let Southborough Council know. Otherwise, keep an eye out for any fundraising events for this 'ambitious' project, and give generously!

For a full article on the subject check out this week's Courier here.


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