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23rd March 2010
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I see the Land Registry office in Tunbridge Wells will be closing down by June 2011.
I have every sympathy for the staff laid off from here and the Stevenage office having gone through redundancy myself - it may be little consolation but at least they have the benefit of a consultation period and presumably a reasonable redundancy package. Many are not so lucky if their employers have become insolvent and gone into administration.

So what of the site itself?
Has it been earmarked already by another owner/tenant?
The thought occurred to me - and a few other people I'm sure - that maybe Tunbridge Wells Borough Council could move in... Cast your mind back to a blog article in November about the Council potentially moving out of the Town Hall and looking at other offices in out-of-town areas like Paddock Wood - there was a small ripple through readers then that surely a borough council should at least be housed in the town by whose name it stands.

And what of the move, the results of the Council's extensive research into its efficiency and possible streamlining?

I've heard no more, and not seen anything else on the subject. Let me know what's occurring if you know...

Which leads me to my final thought: what will become of the building-formerly- known-as the Land Registry - what else could it be used for..?

Answers on a post card please (or comment below!) - something for community projects? An arts centre? Youth schemes? An accessible sports or activities centre?

I wait with interest....


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