New Year, New Resolutions...
28th December 2009
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You might think the tradition of making New Year's Resolutions is a modern one, but it actually dates back to the Romans, who sat the god Janus at the turn of the year, one of his faces watching the year just past, the other looking forward to the year ahead.

They made resolutions in the hope of bringing luck to the coming year, promises to the gods that they hoped would appease them.

Although the date of New Year is different for many cultures, it is always a time for celebration and traditions to welcome the following year.

We have a tradition in our house - to completely and utterly forget what resolutions we made the night before, which are usually inspired by a liberal oiling of several glasses of The Good Stuff.

So this year I'm going to do things differently.

I'm making my New Year's Resolutions now, and they're going to be realistic for once.

No need to give up smoking, my drinking is not at concerning levels (yet), and I never sit still long enough to feel like I don't do enough exercise.

So for 2010 I pledge to relax more. To do more with my family outside of our cosy bubble, and to explore our local area more.

My other half commented last night that we've never done a tour of Tonbridge Castle - it's there, I've seen it... haven't I? There's loads about its history I don't know, and every year hundreds of people actually travel into the area, often from more than 2 miles away, just to visit it.

And it's a while since I've eaten out in Tunbridge Wells - I've never eaten at The Dining Room at The Spa (a birthday treat perhaps?), and I haven't eaten at Woods on The Pantiles since my baby was born and our ante-natal group would "lunch".

Yes, 2010 is going to be a fresh year. A relaxing one. A productive one, but with more time set aside to actually enjoy where we live.


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Natelie Fitzroy is a freelance writer and photographer with The Little White Studio.

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