In with the new and out with the old
1st December 2009
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If we're lucky, and have been extremely good, Father Christmas will bring us everything on our Christmas lists this year.
On my list I've said I need a large bag (containing approximately £10m), and a new sofa (surrounded by a modest 17th century 6 bedroomed farmhouse). I'm nothing if not practical.

If however I end up getting a new toaster (please Santa - ours exploded recently) then I would surely be needing to get rid of the old one. (In fact we already have, refer back to aforementioned toaster-exploding-firey-disaster).

Where to dispose of the old one though? The bin? Not ideal. Recycling? Well our weekly refuse crew don't collect electrical goods, but the North Farm Refuse Tip accepts electrical goods for recycling, unlike some Boroughs. Larger items can be collected for you by arrangement I believe.

Check out the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council website for more information on recycling in your area.

So think on when you're surrounded by a sea of wrapping paper and new toys from Father Christmas - it may be a white Christmas but it pays to stay Green.


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