Eyesore demolition hits another delay
18th November 2009
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We'll be treated to another year of Christmas lights over dereliction this year, as the promised demolition of the old ABC Cinema and incorporated shops is delayed yet again. Developers originally planned to take the old building down towards the end of last year, but a series of planning delays has meant the next promised date will slip again.

Now, obviously I'm an expert ((natch)), having watched lots and lots of home development programmes on television, and those tell us over an over of building projects falling prey to Planning Delays.

However. Surely the site's proximity to Council offices and with a pro-active developer backing the project, the two parties should - really - be able to come to agreements much quicker than this?

The Cinema closed down YEARS ago, and I know the current developers didn't exactly step in straight away, but the whole thing does seem to be taking rather a long time to progress.

Tunbridge Wells has been very patient, alternately viewing this site with contempt and nostalgia, but even I'm seeing less of my childhood visits to Hollywoodland in my mind's eye, and more less pleasant memories of derelict warehouses when I lived in Sarth East Lundun.

Let's hope the final new development lives up to expectations and manages to capture the essence of Tunbridge Wells - that will be gift enough for our patience.


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