Dunorlan Park here we come!
3rd November 2009
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The annual Round Table fireworks display takes place this Saturday 7th November. I've been more times than I can remember in the past, and whilst some years have been better than others, it's always a spectacular spectacular.

The backdrop of the lake and surrounding trees is a treat, and if it wasn't for the several thousand other people oohing and ahhing, it could be a most romantic setting.

The only drawback I'd say is the parking -  never adequate for large events at the best of times, it's made worse because the rear car park is usually closed for safety reasons. (Apparently a few hundred people wandering around the detonation zone isn't helpful).

Still, if you can walk there do so - there's something nice about that part too, joining the throng of people flocking down side streets to get to the park.

There's always a good atmosphere as well, and people as a rule behave themselves (don't prove me wrong this year).

We went to a 'home' bonfire night for Halloween, and were treated to exploding sandstone blocks that had been used to build the fire on (to protect the grass). Funny in hindsight but slightly unnerving in the depth of the booms and the distance those molten lumps of rock traveled.

Public event for me this weekend I think!


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