Do You Always Buy Local?
16th April 2010
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thebestof Tunbridge Wells is running a major research initiative to gauge peoples’ views about the state of the local 'high street' in Tunbridge Wells.  
The research is part of a massive national study – the largest of its kind - through which thebestof is surveying towns and cities the length and breadth of the UK to identify how consumers use their local high streets and shops. The research will examine how local stores and retailers are faring, what is good about our local high streets, what the problems are and what needs to be done to make them more successful. The findings will be drawn up into a national report, to support thebestof’s Buy Local campaign, which aims to get more people supporting independent shops and stores.
Sarah Mavius who runs thebestof Tunbridge Wells explains:
“Most people instinctively want to do more shopping locally, but often many of us still head elsewhere for our shopping. What’s missing or lacking about our local high streets? If we don’t have these answers how can we possibly tell the planners, local authorities or our politicians what we need them to do? That’s why I urge everyone in Tunbridge Wells to take part in the survey and tell us what they think.”
thebestof is uniquely placed to run such a campaign. It champions and showcases the very best local businesses across the country and has a network of over 350 local websites. thebestof taps into thousands of opinions in hundreds of local communities with real people, writing real reviews, and sharing their knowledge and opinions about great local businesses. Every business that is featured on thebestof website has been recommended by local people - so users can be confident that they truly are one of the best at what they do.
Nigel Botterill CEO of thebestof says: “The way we’re set up means we have a real ear to the ground. We can pick up on what’s happening at a local level, but also right across the UK.
We want to once again use our unique position but this time to unlock people’s views about what needs to be done to ensure our local high streets and stores thrive. Once we have pulled together the findings I think we will have a really powerful picture to share. Local towns will be able to see their own situation and benchmark this against the UK as a whole – so do get involved.”
The survey, which can be found at and will run for 12 weeks, is part of thebestof’s Buy Local campaign. Thousands of independent businesses up and down the country including those in Tunbridge Wells will be carrying stickers urging customers to spend more time and money in local independent shops and stores.


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