Breaking news - Recession is over. Apparently.
8th February 2010
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When the crash first happened and panic rippled across the nation, it was assumed by many that it was the end of Build A New Location In A Rural Location, Location type programs. All of us would soon be growing veg for Britain again and baking our own bread whilst elbow-deep in homemade jam.

Actually, a staggering number of people in the UK did rediscover the delights of suburban self-sufficiency, which coincided nicely with the Anti Couch Potato Revolution (a different strain of potato to those advocated for growing in a bin on your patio).

But whilst it's fun and helps a little with the household budget (mostly if you do it year on year and self-propogate for the following year's crop), any business outside of the gardening and fitness market all held their collective breath and frantically re-thought their marketing campaigns.

Surprisingly, television production companies - wedded inextricably to the building industry - changed tack and redoubled their efforts to improve our homes on the assumption that we couldn't now afford to move, so might as well spend what little money we have on improving where we already are.

Gradually, and with no slip to their confident facade, the relocation ethos crept back in to program-making, presumably because half the country gauges our economic security on how much we can sell our houses for, and the other half are aware that the economy relies on people who care how much we can sell our houses for.

But while its tempting to base our entire economic planning on how many Sold signs line our streets, in reality how are we doing?

And that, I feel, is a question best answered by the local business man/woman (delete as applicable). In a recent Courier article, it seemed there was a sniff of an upturn for businesses in the St John's area of Tunbridge Wells.

Great if it were true, we want to hear from you - give us the low down on how your business is doing. What have you found to be the best Recession-Busting marketing strategies, and how would you like to show your appreciation to your loyal customers.

Let me know if I should have my cynical or optimistic hat on!


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