A21 Flyover - Cure or Carbuncle?
20th October 2009
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Everyone from this area will know that a big question for decades has been: 'How do you solve a problem like the A21?'

I remember even when I was at school we were set a project to try to solve the bottle-neck issues on the A21 between Tonbridge and Pembury. Of course, unaware as I was of the full impact of my idea, I carved a red line along the map through countryside and houses somewhere to the West of the single-carriageway trouble maker, intending it as a new two-lane bypass.
Thank goodness for the residents and farmers in that area that I wasn't anywhere near involved with the actual solution at the age of 11!

Since then, several plans have been mooted and booted, and the Lamberhurst bypass seems to be a success despite initial criticism that it would sever Scotney Castle from its own gatehouse (clever bit of creativity and landscaping solved that - on entry to the estate, you'd never know you were crossing a dual-carriageway.)

But how will creating an aerial road above the Tonbridge Road / North Farm roundabout near the Tunbridge Wells retail estate solve the problem? What will happen to the road itself between Tonbridge and Pembury? Surely the flyover's not going to be 5 miles long!

Due to start work at the end of 2011, plans should be clearer this month and a public exhibition is due to be held in December.

Let us know here at TheBestOf Tunbridge Wells what you think of the latest 'solution', and how it could impact on your lives, good and bad.

Regards, Natelie Fitzroy

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