A message from the One Wise Woman
22nd December 2009
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Oh my lord it's Christmas week
And there's just no way I'm ready!
I've been snowed in here since last Friday
and the roads out there aren't steady

I can't help but feel there's a few days to go
And then we'll hear the Christmas bell,
But I've got a turkey to stuff, presents to wrap
And believe it or not, the dentist's as well!

Sometimes it seems abundantly clear
We should start planning for this in June
Getting presents and trees and cards all writ up
Then it won't come around "so soon"

Spread a bit of festive cheer this year, make sure your neighbours, especially the elderly, are okay and have everything they need. This may even be just a bit of company, or the reassurance of knowing someone is thinking of them.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all in Tunbridge Wells!


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Natelie Fitzroy is a freelance writer and photographer with The Little White Studio.

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