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Provides a mobile massage service, Holistic clothed massage Sports and Therapeutic massage


 Welcome to Therapi Tylino's Mobile Massage Therapy

I practice as a massage therapist offer Aromatherapy, Sports Therapy, On Site Therapy and Indian Head massage in Pontypool, Cwmbran and Torfaen  at your home at a time convenient to you. 

I have over 4 years’ experience as a massage; I hold VTCT, ITEC and City and Guilds recognised massage qualifications in Aromatherapy, Sports Therapy, On Site Seated Therapy and Indian Head. 

I am a fully insured member of the CTHA and can be found on their website.

As a massage therapist it is important to ensure each client has a treatment that is tailored to their needs and which is formulated following a consultation. This ensures they receive the treatment they need whether it be for a muscle injury, a physical condition, back, neck or shoulder pain, sciatica or just for relaxation and well being. 

For Aromatherapy treatments I use Essential Oils making synergistic blends to meet the individual needs of each client. 

I recognise that it is important to be flexible and can schedule treatments at a time that is convenient to you and offering evening appointments; and weekend appointments by special arrangement.

Therapi Tylino is H2H not B2B or B2C.
H2H, human-to-human, involves conversation, listening - hearing, laughing, emphasising and consoling. Respecting each client as an individual; each treatment is unique, personal, and holistically. 
By interacting with the "person”, possible treatment solutions can be considered and evaluated to gain the best suitable program for treating their problem.
Everyone’s Muscles react to circumstances differently physically and psychologically.
We all know Physical Active and poor posture can cause discomfort throughout the body; muscle react in Psychological Situation as well.
Stress, shock, grief, emotion can result in muscle fatigue, and spasm; by employing the “H2H approach” the background to the clients need for treatment can deduced.
The H2H approach wins over B2B

 H2H is the way forward!


Mobile Massage – What is it?

Mobile Massage is where the Massage Therapist comes to your home, or your work.
Mobile massage is a suitable option for anyone. Whether the client just prefers the comfort of their own surrounds or they may even have an injured family member that requires massage treatment and they are not in a position to comfortably leave the house; they don't need to; I will come to them.

Therapi Tylino provides mobile seated massage for busy people and is an exciting company providing Holistic Seated Massage, (Indian Head and On Site seated massage) and Sports Massage.

Offering an affordable massage service to clients throughout Torfaen, that is convenient, de-stressing. Therapi Tylino is located in Torfaen and offers an expert service for exhibitions, events, offices, companies, gyms, children's play centers and therapy rooms in Torfaen.

Helping clients to live a healthier lifestyle by giving them the opportunity to recharge their batteries, through a professional On Site seated massage. With fully qualified and expert staff, the service is designed to be affordable, accessible and effective.

Therapi Tylino can provide an adapted massage sequence that is specific to the individual and environment it is perfect for all to enjoy. Available on site, this service is designed to help individuals and in turn if used by a company helps to improve workplace efficiency, reduce costs and improve staff motivation and morale.

A rewarding sight

Recently I had a call for help with agonising pain. When they arrived at my treatment rooms off New Road, I could not believe what I saw and how much discomfort that was being suffering. It was plain to see that pain was excruciating and causing the need for support to be able to walk.

The extreme pain caused the need for assistance to prepare and get on to the massage couch from their partner.

The massage treatment started with basic massage to warm, relax and release the superficial muscles of the affected regions of the body. This was followed by deep massage to relax the muscle below the superficial layer.

The deep massage caused pain that was described as nice pain as it was relieving the excruciating agonising pain; a comment to be remembered for the future.

Pressure was applied to remaining problem areas to reduce the adhesions. After an extended treatment session it was great to say bye bye and watch them walk out unaided and looking forward to a warm shower and early night.

A good success session which was followed by me watching as they walked to their car and drive off, great and rewarding to see!



A social media call for help!


On Tuesday I received a social media request for help.


“Rog I've hurt my back any chance u can come up and massage it? Cheers! Anytime! I'm in agony!”


When I walked throw the door it was visibly the client was in extreme pain.


Their shoulders were up around her ears and the torso was distorted in an attempt to relieve the pain in their lower back. I was rewarded after an hours when the physical assessment show the success of the massage. They were standing tall their shoulders were down the spin was straight


The was a transformation back to the person I normally massage


The feedback in the evening was – Still a little bit sore but I've more movement hopefully feel better again tomorrow! Thanks Rog!


The feedback in the morning was - Thank you Roger, for coming to my rescue; yesterday. My back feels 100% better today and the shopping trip to Cardiff is now going ahead! First full night’s sleep in over a week, :>), I'm so grateful!!


I commented - Please don’t leave it so long. When can I book you in for the next?


C W  February 2015

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