The Wellbeing Life Boat
  • Mardy Park Resource Centre
    Hereford Road
    NP7 6HO
Welcome to lifeboat. We are primarily an organisation designed to offer support and the promotion of good mental health and wellbeing

We aim to provide a safe environment for people to hold discussions about problems in day to day life, with facilitators to guide the sessions in a constructive direction to help learning emerge and personal development to begin. We also aim to provide, when possible, one to one counselling when it's more appropriate.

It may not always be easy for some people to talk about their thoughts and feelings, so we offer the use of different arts and crafts to express things that are difficult to vocalise or with a tutor to produce a piece of work to take away with you.

There will be a range of practical help in the form of guest speakers according to needs, to help with issues that require more specialised 'hands-on' solutions. We also aim to provide access to the Internet for those who need it.

For those who prefer to listen, periodically there will be talks on various subjects related to good mental health, that will aid understanding your own issues and provide tools to help in the future. These will include, but not limited to, anger management, anxiety and self esteem.

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