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Helping You To Summon The Life You Really Want.

Whether its crystals, simple spells, Feng Shui, angels karma, or meditation, horoscopes , cosmic alternative guidance, the spirits, energy, if that interest you I'm sure you'll find something here - reclaim your life, adding magic to your world

Everyone has free will and the ability to influence the situations they find themselves in. We can map out the way forward.

I can help you reconnect with yourself and mother earth, boost your life style, show you new ways to able you.

Sometimes we just need to focus on one aspect of our lives, to take ourselves into a claim place. I can help you with this. I've had experiences where we have gone somewhere and know and felt that it's familiar, been able to find places in a town I've never been too, know facts when I shouldn't, I know I haven't been there before, the fact seams to come from another life. I believe in reincarnation. Believing in past births/lives and moving on from these can be included in my workshops. Communicate with people in the spirit world means you are open and receptive to them.

All my life I've had premonition and dreams that have come true, visualisations can make things happen - to find out more speak to me.

Because I cast spells I've been called a witch, I don't really think of myself as one, but I don't mind being called one, all my life I've had the knowledge that I can do this, I can make things happen if I put my mind to it. I believe I didn't push it when I was younger has it's powerful and I wasn't ready for it or able to control it, now that I've aged I've learned  I can control it, work with it for the benefits of everyone willing to have a go. Wisdom comes with age, knowledge is gain through living a life, when young you have little to full back on.

My spells I cast for people are mostly motivation ones, people with open minds and are ready to embrace the universe. People ask for help when feeling deep emotions the challenge there is not to rise their hopes to high, but work with them over a period of time, it's not a quick fix. I strongly believe you are the person your birth sign for-told, and if you are not than you are fighting your birth right. Each month you will have better days or bad days for your sign, what you need  to learn is how to work with them and your inner you. I will be running workshops on this too.

People say they don't understand what I do, well believe it or not neither do I, I can't turn it on like a tap, and most of the time I can't even say why or how, or what I've done, it just happens, but what I do know, I have a great feeling inside, it comes over me and I feel and see things, its times like this I want to help people. Coming with an open mind helps but its surprising how many tell me later they didn't believe till things started happen for them or something I said came true.

Lily White offer consultations on Feng Shui with includes decluttering your home and keep it clutter free.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science dating back some three-thousand year ago, it hails from China. It is an incredibly complex accumulation of knowledge that lays claim to the understanding of how to balance the natural energies of any given space or area, in order to give good health and fortune to those occupying it. Feng means wind and Shui means water. You don't have to understand the principles of Feng Shui - because The Lily  White company does!

Lily White offers A Ledger Of Improvement.

A benefits journal, a simple and effective way of helping you to start thinking positive, help you work through difficult issues, improve your life style, boost your well being, help you set your goals and achieve them, help you interact with your inner self. The book will have notes, quotes things for you to do, images and spells for you to cast but also it will be your journal to write and add your thoughts, images and feelings. It will help you clear clutter from your mind as well as your surroundings. Helps you work on yourself.

Lily White offers Money Tree's.

The money tree is the common name for Crassula Ovata and is native to South Africa and is a common houseplant. The money tree's includes spells on wealth, romance and positive energy by casting spells onto penny which than goes into the soil of the money tree's. My success on this has been small lottery wins, surprised engagements and a baby but not all the same client.

The inspiration behind the name Lily White was the much-loved and inspirational Grandmother of Megan

The birth of May, celebrate with some Lily of the valley flowers in your home, these dainty white flowers fill a room with lovely summer fragrant. They are the symbol of May Day, many people plant them near a tree in the garden as another name for them is Fairy Cups, it's said the fairy's drink from there cup-like-flowers but you need to take care because they are poisonous. The plant summons peace, honesty and clarity.

Harnessing the calming power of the Rose, if your slumber has been disrupted, fill a small pouch with relaxing rose petals, sleep  inducing dried lavender and fragrant bay leaves. Hold the sachet in your hands and focus on getting a good night's rest before placing it under your pillow.

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