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I've just started in the Investing Mastermind Group and I'm really excited about the possibilities for the future as well as the great support and knowledge that's on offer. So far, we've looked at personal goals and a strategy to move forward over the next five years. The group leader is approachable and the group members are friendly and welcoming. There's a long way to go but I feel like I'm in good hands!
Many thanks to Karen and her incredible amount of of knowledge. A great article contribution to our lifestyle magazine that I know many of our readers were very interested in. I hope to work alongside you and your team again.
With Karen's help and guidance I now call myself an investor - who'd have thought!? I'd recommend the £2.73 club to anyone wanting to improve their financial situation. There's a friendly welcome for all at Karen's groups and it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned investor or a complete novice - there's something for everyone. Get in touch!
I've known Karen for the past eighteen months and during that time she has helped me change my mindset in regards to my financial situation and help realise and implement her strategy program which she teaches and put me on the path to a better financial future
I have worked with Karen for ge past 12 months and can recommend karen as a public speaker, teacher, and person of great business acumen that many can learn from and aspire to be like. It's an honor to know such a person.
I have known Karen for several years now and she is a great speaker and very influential in her business. She was Vice President Education at Porthcawl Speakers. I highly recommend Karen.
Every time I meet Karen and when attending the play and learn events I come away with more knowledge and understanding. Patient and supportive and oh so knowledgable! Can’t reccomend highly enough!
Working with Karen as a co-author of a book. Impressed with Karen’s thoroughness researching and planning the book.
Karen has been helping me build my business. Grateful for the help, nagging and support. I would recommend Karen and the £2.73 Club
Karen runs the play and learn sessions on the first Monday of the month, great fun playing the cashflow game and gives you a real feel for what can be achieved in real life. Best way of changing your mindset and starting on the road to investing.
attented the firt masterming group 6 workshop, which was very useful, informative and a great start on my journey to financial independance
What I've learnt from Karen over the past few months has been invaluable. It has helped me to focus on my goals and proven in a short space of time that it is possible to expand your income streams with some basic knowledge! I'm now looking forward to even greater success as Karen helps me to hone my skills
Fantastic support today from Karen and Peter, Great advice and support and made everything seamless
Attended Karens £2.73 mastermind today the first one of 2018 and great to hear about all of the progress other members are making as well as receiving great advice from Karen around the subject of property. She really knows her stuff and it's great to be able to call upon that wealth of knowledge as one of her mastermind group
Reading Karen's book, Surviving 2013 has made me want to make 2018 the year for investment and making my money work for me. I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge with assistance of Karen and her team
Karen is an amazing coach, as a monthly subscriber to £2.73 club, I have found her sessions very enlightening.
I've been in Karen's Mastermind group for about a year and learned so much from her in that time. She has positively encouraged me to take action and it's getting the results I wanted.
I have known karen for 4 months and i am part of the £2.73 club. Great club, great ideas👍
As a member of one of karens mastermind groups she has given me the support and encouragent to to keep focused on my goals and consentrate on a positive financial future
I've worked with Karen for several years. During that time I have learnt to invest in shares, property and business. I have build a good investment portfolio and would highly recommend Karen and her services .
The £2.73 club has enabled me to really examine my relationship with money and given me the financial education that I’d wish I’d had in my school years. I’m still learning, but now feel confident to invest in the four categories and have a robust financial plan for the future. I’d highly recommend getting involved, if I can do it anyone can!
Meeting and working with Karen has enabled me to build my financial landscape in a way I would not have if I had not met her. Her training has enabled me to build a portfolio of wealth and I would recommend her training to anyone.
Over the past two years, Karen has help show me the correct way to understand my finances. Her books, courses and groups offers not just education but support and encouragement to find an appropriate approach to move away from the 9-5 rat race, and gain financial freedom. I highly recommend all her products and services to anyone who wants to improve their life and escape the world of work.
I've attended one of Karen's groups and a training day and both were fantastic. Karen shares everything she knows in a understandable and down to earth way. The groups are informal and fun and I'm very much looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future.
I’ve attended the £2.73 play and learn on a number of occasions. I hope to join Karen’s mastermind group when time affords itself. Karen is knowledgeable with regard to the field of finance.
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