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Imagine, your favourite place in the world and having the lifestyle of your dreams. Imagine a world where you have as much money as you want. Why are you imagining it?  What is stopping you from making your dream a reality?

International Author, Award Winning Speaker and Founder of the £2.73 Club, Karen Newton knows how to turn financial dreams into reality.  Borrowing £300 on a credit card and turning it into £10 million in 4 years Karen has the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you realise your dreams.


About Karen


Karen has a back ground in money having worked for Inland Revenue and in the Banking Industry.  Her wealth of business knowledge has been gained through 30 years of running her own businesses and thinking outside the norm.  During her business career Karen has made history twice as the First Woman to own a Fire Protection Company in New Zealand and then as the Chair of New Zealand Fire Protection Industry Association.  Karen’s has also won numerous international awards for business and speaking.  Karen’s belief is that she will only teach what she invests in herself and is tried and tested system.


£2.73 Club

The concept of the £2.73 Club is that anyone can become financially independent regardless of how much money they have to start with going from Zero to Millionaire.  Karen has developed several programs which teach the skills and knowledge of investing that suit any budget. 

There is free access to the £2.73 Club Facebook Group where you can start learning through blogs and events.





International Author

Karen is the author of 8 investment and personal development books which sell worldwide. She regularly sells to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.  In 2014 Karen received an American award for her book “Surviving 2013”.  A book which still continues to sell well in America and Australia



Award Winning Speaker

As a motivational speaker Karen has spoken at events in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Spain and of course the UK.  Karen’s talks about overcoming adversity and learning to walk again following a car crash inspires her audience and has won her several awards through the Toastmasters International Speech Competition.

Karen is a regular speaker at Seminars and Networking Events throughout the UK for both motivational speaking and investments.

To book Karen as a speaker email: newydd105@uwclub net or connect with Karen on Linkedin




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