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With over 25 years’ genealogical research experience both within the UK, and internationally with special emphasis on Wales and the South West.

#Bond Lane Research specialise in searching for the living relatives of persons who have died without leaving a will, and their estate either lies as dormant with a financial institution or with the Treasury Solicitor.

We aim to reunite these dormant estates which have an estimated value of approaching £1bn within the UK, with the rightful heirs and beneficial owners.

What are our key areas of specialist research?

Solicitor searches to locate unknown family members or missing heirs to estates and beneficiaries that they have been charged to administer. Any known beneficiaries may have moved on, changed their name or even died themselves. Worse still, in cases where the estate is intestate, and heirs are unknown, the trustee is left with an uphill struggle to research family trees and confirm proof of relationship to the deceased to complete the administration of the estate. At Bond Lane Research we can remove this pain for the solicitor by completing the research and providing full reports including all the documentary proof required for approval of the estate administration.

Are you a Financial Institution or Insurance Company who often manage Dormant Assets where you are unable to reunite the assets with a beneficial owner?  These assets include dormant bank accounts, insurance policies, stocks and shares and pension schemes. Here at Bond Lane Research, we can undertake the research to identify the beneficiary of the dormant assets on your behalf, allowing you to release the assets to the rightful heirs and decrease your dormant asset register in line new UK Government recommendations.

Following the death of a resident and to administer their estate, Care Home Managers are often required to trace relatives that are either unknown or uncontactable.  Which can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, resulting in high costs to the business. We can complete this research on behalf of the Care Home professionally and sensitively, while at the same time removing the cost and giving back the valuable time that would be spent conducting the research themselves.

We provide these services at no cost to the client, as we seek ‘fee agreements’ with the potential heirs found.

We also undertake private and or specific genealogy research on a fixed fees basis.

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