The problem with conservatories
27th June 2013
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It's not a good time to try and move house - sales are slow and not everyone is able to take on greater financial commitment that might be required with a larger house. An extra room might be what is required and the conservatory you already have could provide the answer without you knowing it! It's either feast or famine in a conservatory at times. The sun streams in and creates too much heat or the room can be far too cold in winter making it difficult to use all year round. Sometimes you might wish that you had built a straight forward room extension with a solid roof. Well now you can convert your conservatory into an all year round living space with the clever roof conversion available from this company. Geoghegan are relatively new to the Isle of Man but have years of experience of installing these extensions across the UK. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the process is quick, easy and affordable ! It's something well worth considering.
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