Save the planet or save money?
1st February 2012
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It would be nice to think clients used EMS products to “do their bit” for the environment but the key motive for most is spiralling energy costs with environmental benefits a welcome by-product. 

It’s a fair bet that energy costs will continue to increase but there are many ways we can do something to redress the situation at little or even no cost. We all know we should be turning those lights off when not in use but do we make a conscious effort to do so? The reality is probably not – we’ve all got other things to think about and as humans tend to put such trivia aside. 


 It’s generally accepted that the highest energy cost for the home owner is space and water heating. The pie chart below reflects average domestic energy usage in a typical home. 


Now for the good news. 


Everybody can reduce their energy bills – the only variable is by how much. 

As a rule, the higher the capital investment the greater the savings that can be achieved. In the same vein the return on investment is typically better. 


That said, you don’t necessarily need to invest thousands of pounds to save energy, save money, and get a good return. 


So just what is available from  EMS  to save you energy and money. 



An oh so simple way of reducing heating costs – magnetic radiator reflectors that ensure your radiators heat the house rather than the wall behind it. A typical house can be fitted with these products in under an hour for around £100 – one of those “no brainer” products. 



Does what it says – saves electricity and reduces bills by around 10% in the typical home. 

Home Energy Management Systems 

One of the most technologically advanced and affordable Home Energy Management Systems in the world – sound expensive? 

These start at around £400 and case studies showed average savings of 23% when compared to bills of previous years. 


The system learns about how people live in their homes, it learns how long it takes for homes to heat up (and cool down), it learns how long it takes hot water to get to that perfect temperature and how much a household uses. It even monitors the weather outside. 


With this knowledge the product manages people’s existing systems to heat the home and hot water no earlier than is absolutely necessary. It learns the thermal properties of your 

home, the performance of your heating and hot water system(s) and your everyday preferences and usage patterns. 


Built to work with existing heating and hot water systems, new installations and renewable energy systems, it will change the way you use energy at home forever; saving you money, cutting out waste and making life more comfortable. 

There’s even an iPhone app so you can let it know you’re coming home early and put the heating on. 


 Solar Energy 


The sun radiates more energy onto the earth in one hour than the entire human population uses in a whole year. 


Solar energy is the oldest source of energy in the world. It has been used by plant, animal, and microbial life as a primary energy source since the beginning of life on Earth. 


You’ve never seen a lizard dig for coal to start a fire, but you’ve probably seen one lie on a rock and absorb solar energy. 


Solar energy can be used to provide direct heat – Solar Thermal, or Electricity - Solar Photovoltaic, and most products now have a lifespan in excess of 20 years! 


So generate your own electricity, heat your hot water and assist your central heating system all courtesy of the sun. 


These systems work on light – not heat – so perform year round. 

Central Heating Solutions 

Did you know that heating your home with electricity can represent the lowest running cost by a long way. 


A new central heating system is an important decision and one you will need to live with for many years so right first time is pretty important. 


EMS offer a FREE heating consultancy backed up by a complete project management process which can include a comprehensive site survey, heat loss calculations and thermal imaging so we can get it right first time. 

Damp House? 


Again there is a solar solution – a completely self-contained solar air collector and dehumidifier. These units have their own built in Solar PV panel that drives a fan to inject warm dried air into a building. One of those nice simple easily installed solutions. 


Wind Power 


 The Isle of Man has one of the best wind resources in Europe and most places on the Island could be using this energy for domestic or commercial use. There’s nothing quite like seeing a turbine spinning in the wind producing free electricity. 

Contrary to popular belief they’re not noisy and needn’t be ugly although it’s a bit of a “marmite” product – you either love them or hate them. 


And everything else 


There’s a host of other things you can do to reduce your energy costs. Many people never adjust or programme their central heating thermostats – a few minor “tweaks” can make a huge difference. Even changing your thermostat can have a dramatic effect – a lot of older low costs thermostats are very inaccurate – a new digital unit will not only keep the home more comfortable, it’s likely to save you fuel. 


The Government have an Energy Doctor whose services are free – available for all on the Island and if it’s free, why not !! 


If you would like to chat with Marc, Rodger or Phil at EMS call 01624 613210 or email


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