Maths is a crucial skill for success in today's tough job market
10th January 2012
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Many careers are becoming more challenging due to the growth of technology and analytical processes required to support that technology. Today's fast paced workforce requires understanding and application of mathematics far more so than ever before.

It is those young people with mathematical and scientific skills that will
have the edge on those who don't
. Critical math skills will be applied in
nearly every job and profession. 

At secondary school most young people don't relish learning  algebra, stats,
probability and geometry and it is only later in life we realized just how
important those topics are to real world applications. 

Today, leading jobs consist of all those topics; accounting, computer
science, engineering, and business industries rely on professionals who
possess critical math skills, as those skills are being utilized every day. 

Systems get more and more complicated as technology advances so our
understanding of related math principles will need to be improved and
continually updated.

Take into account most allied health professions and information technology
jobs right now, all in a short matter of time our far more diverse and
complicated that they were before.

It can't be stressed enough the importance of having a complete critical
math skills set in today's job market. 

Professional real world problems will ask you to analyze complex logical
reasoning problems. 

All professions now require far higher and diverse mathematical skills, as
an example, the demand  for data communication analysts is expected to grow
as much as 53% by 2018.

The good news is that if you feel if you or your child like is  behind in
math skills, is that on the Isle of Man we have an exceptional, well
experienced and very successful Maths Tutor, Dave Burridge.

Having a good Private Tutor, having then just an hour a week of personal
tuition can make a huge difference.  Where you comparing  the  actual one to
one time an average teacher may get with your child to the time spent with a
Private Tutor, it can be equivalent to 4 lessons. Such attention allows the
student to improve knowledge or skills far more rapidly than in a
<> classroom setting. A good private
tutor can improve school performance, increase confidence, enhance enjoymentor motivation in a topic and build solid study skills and discipline that will help in all aspects of life. A private  tutor can also offer adult
learning which so don't think that private tuition is just for children!

Dave Burridge  offers expert advice in anything from adding and subtracting
to pure maths and statistics. He can develop a tailored programme of tuition for each student, in order to determine what specific areas need to be covered and to define the tuition goals and objectives. He has extensive
knowledge and contacts of AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR exam boards to ensure
practise, books and materials are aimed directly at the exam paper being

Dave did not do well at school, but went on to achieve degree and
professional success Senior Teacher (Deputy Head Status), Engineer,
Examiner,  Microsoft Trainer and Consultant. Coming from the world of
Industry he sees the relevance and importance of exam and in a short time, using skills learnt in industry apply tested techniques that lead to examsuccesses.

Dave knowing full well how maths to some is not always easy, believes very much in teaching and giving students much need confidence in how they view Mathematics. By example, drive, character  and personality, he gets students to focus to and overcome their fear and dislike of maths.


Having not done well at school, is able to put himself in place of his
student and not show impatience that some  highly capable teachers can
sometimes show. Has built up a large resource of teaching videos, powerpoint slides and internet resources that have been judge for their educational worth,students go away with for review purpose to underpin normal HW.
And most importantly is to take out the stress of learning maths, by making
it fun and that if techniques are applied, it no longer is a big deal but
just a part of everyday life.


Here is what a couple of Dave's pupils have to say about the benefits they had from Maths tuition :-

Dave has been very helpful to me since I first went to him for AS-level maths tuition, going from a 'U' grade back then to high 'C'/'B' grade now.

Definately worth it if you need the extra help!  Craig L

Excellent Tutor. Dave provided 'A' level maths tutition to a high standard using inovative methods,including the offer of remote tutoring.

Dave has a relaxed helpful style which my teenage son responds well to.

Well worth the extra cost to ensure my son has the knowledge skills and understanding to enable him to pass his AS level maths exam. - can't put a price on his future !

thanks. Nina

If you would like to chat with Dave Burridge about maths Tuition for your child or yourself please call him on 01624 679779 or 07624 332885 



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