Local Brewery wins place in National Beer competition
23rd May 2008
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Just received a nice story from our local brewer O'Kells. Dr. Okell's IPA has once again produced a magnificent result in becoming one of 15 finalists in the first ever Sainsbury's beer competition. With over 100 submissions from 53 breweries across the UK, the Isle of Man's largest brewer, Okells, was given the nod.

Okells will sit alongside 14 other regional and national brewers from around the UK, with hopes of capturing enough sales and attention from the customers to gain a national listing across the Sainsbury's chain.

The 15 finalists will be showcased in a mini beer festival and merchandised together in a special in-store display that will include product information and an educational beer booklet for shoppers to take away. The August in-store beer festival will look to increase Sainbury's premium bottled ale range by 50%. What makes this beer competition unique to others is that the consumers will vote on their favourite ale and the top two performing products will gain a national listing with the grocery chain. It is a great achievement for the 15 finalists and Sainsbury is committed to supporting and working with more regional brewers.

Dr. Mike Cowbourne had this to say about the recent news regarding Dr. Okell's IPA finalist. "This is a great achievement for Okells and something we are extremely proud of. As Dr. Okell's family of beers has expanded to include three brews including the IPA, Elixir and Eastern Spice, all three of these brews have achieved great results in sales and tastings in the UK. We hope this opportunity with Sainsbury will be the start of showcase the taste and quality of Okells to a wider market in the UK."

Okells would like to encourage their loyal supporters to get out and support Dr. Okell's IPA in the Sainsbury's beer festival throughout the month of August.

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