Ignore the internet at your peril
15th May 2008
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Delighted to hear that we are on board to have much faster broadband speeds across the island by the end of the year. This is the promise announced by Manx Telecom.  I am sure we have all been frustrated at times by slow speeds so this is welcome news. This has got to be good news for companies moving to the island as well as businesses already here.  We rely so much on the internet for communications and this substantial increase (4 times the speed we are told) can only be a bonus.  Great news for personl users as well - shopping, downloading films, watching TV and other heavy useage applications are now common place and it will be great when my teenage son doesnʼt ruin everyone in the houseʼs access because he is downloading the latest obscure tv series from the States.

I think a lot of companies on the island have been ignoring the internet, donʼt get it or hope it will just be a passing phase - they are so wrong. It is a fundemental part of life now and I should image most people under 30 spend far more time on the internet than they do in front of the TV. Ignore it at your peril becasue your competitors wonʼt!

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