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2nd February 2012
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Information is the key to understanding the successes and failures of your
business and the key to making appropriate business decisions to avoid
future failures and capitalise on success.


A proper accounting system is not a luxury that small businesses can do
without, it is a necessity that they cannot afford to be without.


Thompsons have published a guide designed to help you take the first steps
in accounting. It explains what accounts are, why you need them and what
they mean. It also explains the minimum accounting records that your
business will need to keep.


The guide has been written for the managers and owners of small businesses.
For simplicity the examples given are based on the accounts of a small
limited company. However the principles illustrated apply equally for sole


For a free copy call me on 01624 611108 or email me at


Best wishes,




Liam Thompson



Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

Royal Trust House

60-62 Athol Street


Isle of Man


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